About Nancye

Nancye Hunter is a concerned citizen of Richmond City. Having lived in the city her entire life, she has been distraught, disappointed, and disillusioned with the effect that poor leadership has had on the city in the last year. Nancye is running in the 71st to make a real change in the community and be a voice of reason in the Commonwealth. She has done everything from accounting, to owning a business, waiting tables and even pulling herself out of homelessness. Nancye understands what it means to work, live, and own a business here in Richmond and wants to improve that life for everyone. 


Nancye is a proud mother of three children, Courtney, Matthew, and Sarah. She has two beautiful grandchildren and can usually be found with her 12-year-old golden retriever, Bella.


When Nancye Hunter becomes your delegate, she will ensure that our students are back in school getting a quality education that will prepare them for the rapidly modernizing workforce of the 21st century. She will make sure our police officers and first responders are properly funded to perform their jobs and serve our community. She will also ensure that all COVID-19 restrictions are lifted and will prevent any further government intervention from destroying our schools or our local businesses. 

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